Friday, March 4, 2011


I have this photo currently as my computer's screen saver.  It is a photo from Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC.  This is for "Movement in March" ... very slow movement which can quickly turn dangerous in an instant!   Hmm... I think this description sort of describes my next subject... politics!

* * * * *

Todays prompt for the "March Challenge" is to reflect on politics, government and/or structures of power.  (On this day in 1789, Congress met for the first time.)

Since no profanity is allowed here!! I have submitted the above You-Tube clip and photos below from a trip we took over ten years ago with the children.   I copied these from my album - I didn't have a digital camera back then.  The top photo is, of course, Independence Hall - where the Declaration of Independence was debated and adopted.  This weekend my daughter and I are going to see the musical "1776".   I have the above movie AND this will be my third time seeing a live musical production.  I can't wait!

My kids have always loved visiting historic sites.  As contagious as their enthusiasm was, I assure you, I did not wear a period style hat around the streets of historic Philadelphia!


Mike Patrick said...

I’m glad that you maintain a 'no profanity' requirement on your site. Funny how the subject of politics supplies the impetus for you to mention that. Can there be anything that riles us more than politics?

Ruth said...

So sweet!

So is the pink magnolia? Are there pink magnolias? It's a beautiful photo, just stunning.

Mama Zen said...

That picture under the flag is so cute!

lisa said...

That first photograph is just gorgeous Margaret, and the last is so very precious.
I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Margaret said...

Mike - politics and religion are probably neck in neck! And I do love to discuss both... But not on my blog!

Ruth - I have only ever seen white magnolias. I am planning on cutting down a few trees in our front lawn and planting a magnolia tree, hopefully this year. I believe these are azaleas. Stunning to see and I lived these because they were not as "groomed" as some I see in people's yards

Mama Zen - it makes me very "sappy" when I look back. I love it, though, too. It was outside of the Betsy Ross house.

Lisa - thank you. The beauty of Magnolia plantation in the Spring when it is in full bloom is something I hope to capture this year. The photo taken here was a bit post season.

lisaschaos said...

I love that first photo! Looks like a beautiful place to explore!

Ginnie said...

Paint away. It will be gorgeous...just like your darling children!

Margaret said...

Lisaschaos & Ginnie - it is fantastic and I am VERY excited to be planning a trip to Savannah Georgia this spring!! Can't wait to photograph the historic area.