Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Haiku, "The Climb", 146 & 147/356

Yesterday was 70 + degrees!  I believe that is a record.  And today it is a "chilly" 48 in the shade.  I'm lovin' a North Carolina February.  The two photos above are of a new park I found to walk the dogs.  I am really happy with the variety of places to stroll around here. They are part of my "365 Day Photographic Journey" - I'm almost half way there.

I haven't had time to look at all the blogs I follow and comment much today - I have a child home with the flu bug.  I can't wait to do so as your talent and creativity inspire me.

This is my photo for "Repetitions and Patterns"  in February.  I even swung on these - how many years since I had done that!

My oldest daughter, below has always loved to swing.  I remember spending an hour at the playgrounds pushing her while her older brother ran around swinging sticks and climbing and pretending to be a Star Wars character.  (did you see the video in my post below - do yourself a favor and watch the advertisement - my husband and I cried with laughter!)

* * * * * 

Photo courtesy of The Haiku Challenge

Never-ending climb
it seems.  No escalator.
Paradise takes work.

by Margaret Bednar
February's "Haiku Challenge"

Of course, as a (Catholic) Christian, I believe only God's grace saves us.  But I don't believe it is as simple as saying "I believe in Jesus".  I must live my life by using love as a verb.  Internalizing love doesn't work - I must be an instrument of Jesus and "do good things" as my youngest daughter simply puts it.  The good deeds does not get me in to heaven, but it does show I took up my cross and gave my Christianity more than lip service.  These are my beliefs, and I don't thrust them on anyone nor think that my way is the only way (I don't want to debate religion here).  Just thought I would share what these stairs represented to me.  

* * * * *

This will be for "Black & White Wednesday".  It's a little unfocused, but I think it would make a great painting. She is my little tuxedo kitty who is always alert and active, always exploring.  Just submitting it early as I won't be able to post tomorrow. 


Bonnie said...

The first two photos have an eerie quality about them, which I like.

Your children look so joyful and free.

I love being able to learn about other people's beliefs - what supports them - what guides them - what motivates them. Stairs inviting us to climb are an enticing metaphor for the desire to rise above, step beyond this plane, find the way back to paradise ...

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Quit braggin' about your warm weather! Whatcha tryin' to do, make all the cold folks up north like me jealous? (LOL! We got a foot of snow in Michigan yesterday! I'm moving to NC!)

Dutchbaby said...

My teenage son is home with the bug too. We went on a whirlwind college tour last week: eight colleges, eight states, three days. It proved to be too much for both of us. I'm a little under the weather - perfect day to blog.

I really like the second photo and the one of your two beautiful girls.

rmpWritings said...

There's no snow on the ground! I'd love to see the first picture with a light dusting of white...lovely nonetheless.

no escalator, hmm...guess it's a good thing I'll already be dead 'cause that climb would surely do me in. Lovely haiku!

Vicki Lane said...

Nice haiku! And I love the tuxedo kitty -- they are always photogenic.

Anonymous said...

Margaret - this is a divine Haiku. I know exactly where you are coming from. Thank you for sharing, becca


trisha said...

your haikus are splendid. loved that kitten very much.


Ruth said...

The bug is sweeping our campus. Stay healthy.

Swinging is still one of my favorite things to do. In fact, I think I must have dreamt I was swinging recently . . .

Thanks for sharing your beliefs, and the refreshing openness you express.

I love the haiku. "Paradise takes work" -- that's my motto too!

Someone is Special said...

the photos were awesome and so the Haiku.. Thanks..

Someone is Special

lisa said...

Oh, lucky you!!!
7 degrees here right now, and the 35 degrees we are expecting tomorrow will feel like a true heat wave!!
Love the haiku, and these shots, especially the one of your daughter on the swing. Such a true "feel good" shot!

Margaret said...

Bonnie, Eric, Dutchbaby, rmp, Vicki, beccagivens, Trisha, Ruth, Someone & Lisa - Such a talented group of people I spent my morning with! Wow. I am now off to change and wash all the beds- kids are finally all healthy and I need to kill all the bugs. So far, I have escaped from cough and fever!

Enjoy this wonderful day!

justine said...

what a great selection of shots, love that black and white and the day in the park looks so great with all those different patterns and textures. Hope the sick bug goes away soon.

Patricia said...

I had to look at the cat picture when I saw it...just beautiful. Love the landscape photos and the kids swinging. Love your the Haiku challenge and the story of your faith. I totally agree with you.

Nessa said...

oh I love kitties... and a black and white in black and white! :)

Margaret said...

Justine - well a few sick bugs are hanging on, but I made them go on a fresh air walk. Let's hope that helps.

Patricia - I could post photos everyday of my kitties, but I don't think many would appreciate it... I'm so glad you like my haiku's. They are really fun (and quick) to do.

Nessa - Thank you! Yes, she is always "dressed to kill"! :)