Friday, January 7, 2011

"No Expectations", a poem. 100/365

"You swat me, I'll swat you"
No Expectations

Scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
A friendship's give and take 
Always comforting and nice.
Reciprocation often the key.

Even more remarkable the 
generosity of a select few.
Who offer more than receive
Expecting nothing in return.

Volunteers who silently grace
The hospitals, food banks 
And nursing homes.
Their presence, angelic.

Guardians, indeed, who extend
A willing hand to those in most need.
A simple "Thank you", a smile, 
More than enough.

Some will hear an invitation to join, 
quietly whispered into their souls.
An RSVP seldom accepted
By but only a few. 

by Margaret Bednar

"A" or "An" RSVP... Grammar police, help me here! (so, it is "an"... thank you!)

Relationships are often based upon unconditional love, with no tallying marks of who has given more.   But, a give and take, a sharing is expected.  My hat is off to all the volunteers of this world.  People who dedicate hours each day to volunteering and  never expect anything in return.  Within our lifetime, we are all touched by their warm, kind generosity whether we are ever aware of it or not.

The above photo is for "Partially Seen in January".  


Mary Lou said...

You make art happen. AND you're good at it.

Friko said...

what a wonderful photo. ditto the poem.

charity in action is what it's all about. giving something back for what we ourselves have received, that would be the way to live to make this world a kinder place.

lisa said...

This is great Margaret!
Love this photo.
Have a wonderful weekend.


Kelly said...

Holy Cow, have you ever been busy. 100 paintings is nothing compared to a daily post of poetry or photography. Good luck. This post is great! Loved it...

Patty Ann said...

So true. volunteers can really make a difference. I know they do in my community.

justine said...

I loved this shot when I saw it on flickr, such a great capture.

Rosie said...

Wonderful thoughts and a beautiful photo, Margaret!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Margaret Bednar said...

Thank you, everyone, for enjoying the poem "Expectations". I was in the hospital this weekend with my daughter's appendectomy and it isn't a very fun place to be. God Bless the volunteers!

Stafford Ray said...

Definately 'an'. I think. :-)
Really liked your walk in history piece for Potluck too. It does no harm to take time to see where we fit.

Ginnie said...

I believe it's an 'An' Maragaret, because of the 'R' which is treated as a letter of the alphabet and is spelled 'ar.' :) Hope that helps.

Margaret Bednar said...

Stafford & Ginnie - thanks for the grammar lesson! My husband, a grammar head himself, leaned towards "an" but wasn't sure. I have corrected the poem. :)