Friday, January 21, 2011

A Proud Mamma!, 113/365

My son's poetry is one of two featured over at One Stop Poetry's blog - Friday Poetically!  Two teenage boys were selected and I think you will have fun swinging over and checking it out.  My son has a blog, but due to time constraints (could he be studying?  Oh the life of a teenager :) he posts sporadically.

I also invite you to participate in Write with Pictures.   My photography was selected for the Friday challenge:  Fridays Poetry Muse - use any poetry style - share from your heart as the photo inspires you.  Click HERE to be transported to my photo and participate.  My poem is at the bottom of this post.

For "Partially Seen in January", I have selected a photo of the same horse - cropped a little and a bit "noisey".  I think I will stroll over there today with my camera in hand and get some more frames of this handsome devil.  My husband thinks the horse is "strange" looking, but I think he is grand.  How about you?


Passionately prancing
To your own rhythm.
Structure unacceptable,
Rules cast aside.
Intensity shines forth
From a poetic soul.
Feet drumming
A mystical beat.

by Margaret Bednar


septembermom said...

I'm excited to go over and read your son's poetry. How wonderful! Margaret, thanks again for sharing your photographs with Write With Pictures. I also invited my blog friends to come and participate too.
Have a great weekend! -- Kelly

justine said...

what a clever boy! I love this shot and the down on his mouth, congratulations to him.

Kim, USA said...

Wow congratulations to your son, he is very talented. Happy weekend and thanks for the visit too.

Angela Ungren said...

Beautiful Horse! Congrats to your son!

Rosie said...

Congratulations to Brian - really amazing! I love your shot - such a great perspective and so perfect for the partially seen theme!

Elisabeth said...

Congratulations, proud mother. Your son's poetry reminds me of my own efforts at poetry as a young person, so full of passion. Marvelous

Helen said...

Please give your very talented son my congratulations ---

Margaret Bednar said...

Septembermom, Justine, Kim, Angela, Rosie, Elisabeth & Helen - It has been fun to watch him grow up and now he is 18 and such a wonderful young man. Man ... wow. He is full of passion and excitement and ENERGY. And, as a mom, how I want to PROTECT that.. You know? But, they need to blaze their own path... Thank you all for commenting and reading his poetry. :)

Strummed Words said...

I like the mystical beat of poetry that runs in your family.

Ruth said...

I recognize that poem of William's. It's great to see it at One Stop. Your horse is full of energy and thus beauty. His marking are different, and his lines are sleek. Intensity, poetry, drumming and mystery are all beautiful in my book. Lovely poem. Congratulations to both you and William for being featured in these spotlights!

lisa said...

Congratulations, and it was beautifully done!!!
Just a gorgeous portrait of him Margaret!

Margaret Bednar said...

Strummed Words - :) We are having fun with poetry - it is a fun thing to share, that's for sure.

Ruth - Thank you! I wish the horse was truly mine - but I am glad he is just across the street. Actually, I keep forgetting to look ... it might be a her.

Lisa - Thank you - I love having captured the "stubble" that he so proudly sports these days. ;)

Ginnie said...

Like Mother, like Son. You both can be proud of each other!

Margaret Bednar said...

Ginnie - :) I just TRY to follow in my children's footsteps. :)