Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Magpie Tale #48, A Winter Waltz, 103/365

A Winter Waltz
The evening's song begins with an adagio tempo -
Feathery crystals falling ever so softly and 
The haunting aria of a winged night prowler.
My waltzing footsteps a repetitive one, two, crunch.
I attempt to harmonize with nature’s melody.
My tone, my timbre, my distinctive sound
An unpleasant syncopation.  
My unique rubato, disruptive.  I gladly "bough" out.
The wind, the trees join in with the coming storm's cannon
The tempo picks up, a cheerful light, allegretto 
Wet, heavy flakes descend, a slight modulation occurs -
A signal the coda has begun; the end of my waltz is near.
by Margaret Bednar
I have this entered also in "Poetry Jam" theme: Evening   I wrote this in January and hope you don't mind my resurrecting it.  I am busy getting kids off to school... 

The above poem is my submission for Magpie Tales (photo prompt below).  I have attempted to describe my winter walk last night as a second snow storm descended upon central North Carolina.  It was surreal - nature’s symphony I thought of it and then Tess’ prompt this morning!

I love music and I often sing softly to myself - grocery store isles, on my walks, car, etc, and I live in constant fear someone will hear me - my kids did not inherit their vocal ability from me!
I don’t know much about music, so my apologies if I used any of the above terms incorrectly.  Very short definitions of the musical terms I used are below:
Adagio - indicates a slow tempo
Aria - melodic section of a large scale vocal work - sung by a soloist
Tone - stable sound, pitch
Timbre - acoustical properties of a voice (or instrument)
Syncopation - rhythmic emphasis
Rubato - performing music in a flexible tempo
Cannon - after melody is selected, subsequent voices must imitate with little variation
Tempo - the rate of speed music is performed
Allegretto - fast, but not as fast as allegro
Modulation - changing key within the course of a composition
Coda - the last section of a piece of music 

Photo by Tess Kincaid of "Willow Manor" for Magpie Tales

The branch above is for "Partially Seen in January".  I tried to get a closer shot, but I needed my tri-pod for that and one toddler and three dogs were enough for my nerves to handle today.  Maybe I will get out tomorrow and play with "Partially Seen" with the outdoor scenery. 


Sioux Roslawski said...

I love the "one, two, crunch" and the playful use of "bough." You did a marvelous job of joining the two photos with one writing piece.

Fireblossom said...

How beautiful! And it goes perfectly with both your beautiful photo and the prompt as well.

rachel june* said...

that first photo is so very crisp and sharp it really caught my eye. Love the look of heavy snow on trees! great job!!!

Jingle said...

winter's song is special,

lovely image on top.
awesome poetry.

Patty Ann said...

love the pictures and the imagery of the words.

TALON said...

I love the musical walk (waltz). There is something completely orchestral about a snowy winter walk.

I can't wait to see what you come up with for the Friday 55! :)

Margaret Bednar said...

Sioux - Thank you for getting the 123 of the waltz. My husband kept saying it should be 1-2-3 and it took me a while to explain the "crunch" is the three! It is so easy for ME to understand what I write, but not always sure if a reader will follow my train of thought...

Fireblossom - I'm learning, trying to soak everything I read and see on the blogs. I want to branch out and explore other forms - it's funny how comfortable one quickly becomes to one style!

Rachel June - My fingers were SO cold while taking these shots. It would have been much easier with a tri-pod!

Jingle - As always, your support and encouragement is so welcomed!

Patty Ann- I don't know that much about music - but I certainly learned!

Talon - I'm glad you liked my "waltz"! It was fun ... took me a while to think of what to do with the prompt, but was so excited when it came out not half bad. My 55 is done -- so we will see what people think! :P

Ruth said...

I so admire your ability and craft at expressing the beauty in and around you with the responsibilities you have. It takes a certain amount of quiet centering to do what you've done here. So very beautiful, your words and links between nature's wonder and music. Sight and movement, as sound and musical movement, rhythm.

Mary said...

What a lovely extended metaphor! Great pics too.

Margaret Bednar said...

Ruth - I like "quiet centering". Although it is also a bit of "tuning out" as well. My kids have always been able to entertain themselves for long periods of time, so I'm lucky. I'm a much happier person if I carve out a bit of creative time. I just wish i could get back to painting and drawing - that's a bit more involved.

Helen said...

Dear Margaret,

I am a 'hummer' ... I remember a time years ago when my then 3-year old granddaughter asked 'Woonie, why are you always humming?' I am also a musician .... your Magpie is great!

James said...

Beautiful! Now I really want to go for a walk. (or a waltz) :)

lisa said...

Winter Song is wonderful!
I so love that last photograph!

Tess Kincaid said...

Lovely one, two, crunch!

Margaret Bednar said...

Helen - I'm not embarrassed to hum. :). And kids say such adorable things. Did you tell her it was because it is in your soul and makes you happy? I imagine that is why.

James Lisa and Tess - Thank you. Snow is wonderful when it isn't too deep and it doesn't stay too long.

Suko said...

Beautiful, wintry post! Your poem is a wonderful response to the picture, and I also adore your snowy photos.

Tumblewords: said...

Terrific post - your words are so full of musical delight and your photos are superb...

Margaret Bednar said...

Suko & Tumblewords - It is funny - The first words out of my mouth each time I see Tess's newest photo is "I can't do it". And I have surprised myself every time. :) Thank you for the kind words.

Angela Ungren said...

OOH! So beautiful! Im following your blog on my blog now, Always be able to find you! :-)

Margaret Bednar said...

Angela - :) I like the sound of that. Thank you.

Doctor FTSE said...

All your definitions are correct so what d'you mean by "I don't know much about music." Be careful where you put the accent in "One two crunch" - or you turn the waltz into a mazurka! Very good poem.

Margaret Bednar said...

Dr. FTSE - A fast and lively Polish dance sounds more fun to me anyway! :) And I looked the definitions up in the dictionary. I was in a chorale group for a while - whenever there was a note held too long, I was the first to be given the "evil" eye by the director! My ability to read music is very, very shaky.

Helen said...

I never mind reading your poetry twice, thrice, and on and on. Love the musical slant.

Enchanted Oak said...

On a warm August evening, I find your poem refreshing, and enjoyed the pine cones very much.

shah wharton said...

This is a beautiful creation! And the images really add a certain something. I learned new words too - re music. ;D Here from Poetry Jam Shah. x