Monday, January 3, 2011

"I'm Keeping My Eye on You" photograph, & 95/365

"I'm Keeping My Eye On You"
This photo and the one below are part of a daily challenge for the month of January hosted by Justine Gordon's Blog.  Click HERE to see her fabulously beautiful photography blog.  

The focus theme this January is "Partially Seen".  Click HERE to be transported to her flickr site.

I have always loved partial shots - the second one has been a favorite of mine for a long time.  The horse was taken within this past week and is part of my 365 Photographic Journey - hosted by Madeline Bea - one photo every day for a whole year.  The horse is also my Macro Monday challenge.  


Mary Lou said...

Margaret, You must be the kindest, bestest person there is AND with 6 kids! And so talented! I love your photos and love the grissly sketch.
I hope some day we can meet in person.
Thank you for visiting me.

justine said...

I just checked the flickr group and your two photographs are there! they are absolutely fantastic, what a gorgeous daughter you have and I love the horse shot, brilliant partially seen shots, thanks so much for joining.

Ginnie said...

There is definitely something to be said for partial shots, Margaret! :) Both of these are precious.

4timesblessed said...

The horse shot is amazing. Such a beautiful horse.

Rosie said...

Those are so beautiful! I just admired them at flickr!

Patty Ann said...

Beautiful shots. I love your daughter. she is beautiful and her smile lights up the picture.

Margaret Bednar said...

Mary Lou - You made my day, but you are way too kind! We do plan on visiting VA someday - it is our new neighbor as we moved from MI just over a year ago. I'm glad we blog back & forth. :)

Justine - I think the time difference is at play here and I think I have the flickr thing figured out. This "partial" challenge is keeping my mind ticking!

Ginnie - Thank you! Your comments always lift my spirits.

4timesblessed- He is a handsome fellow. Made the photography an enjoyable challenge!

Rosie - I will enjoy yours as well! Justine's idea is so awesom!

Patty Ann - My youngest daughter really does embrace life (but not cleaning her room...)