Sunday, January 23, 2011

"The Embrace" and "A Path, Destructive" two poems

Photo courtesy of Heather T.
 The Embrace

And clinging

Feathery caress
So intimate

Deadly kiss

by Margaret Bednar

The poem above is for "Write with Pictures" - Wednesday's Ten (share thoughts in ten words only). The photograph is provided by Helen of "A Vermont Girl - Memoirs and Photography"

The following is for One Stop Poetry's "One Shoot Photography Sunday".  The photo is courtesy of Mike Roemer.  Please click on his link or on the one above to enjoy his interview by Dustus.  

Photo courtesy of Mike Roamer
A Path, Destructive

Desire courses through our veins,
Often attracted to passions unfitting.
The gifts bestowed upon us, misused,
Traveling down a path, destructive.

Like a moth to a flame we are lured,
Tempted by the promise of greatness.
Wasting the potential hidden within,
Happiness voluntarily castaway.

by Margaret Bednar 


dustus said...

Can relate, as I have voluntarily thrown away happiness in the past chasing an unfit passion. Your poem reads like good advice in my opinion. Nice challenge piece, Margaret.

Anonymous said...

i can relate as well.
gifts misused
and attracted to passions unfitting

Anonymous said...

What we have, we rarely use as we should; what we want is rarely what we need. In fact, those attractions of ours can lead to some serious disappointment...and we do flit away so much time on it.

Fine piece, poking at the inherent "silliness," as I would dub it, that runs inside us, that is often pressed upon us.

Reflections said...

Wow! Love both pieces. gifts misused and attracted to passions unfitting... powerful descriptors here, love the depth.

Ginnie said...

What I love most about your poetry, Margaret, is that you are PRACTICING/WRITING it all the time! WOW. Congratulations.

OldSchoolHaiku said...

Ode to the road MisTaken, Delightful.

Margaret Bednar said...

Dustus, Throwing happiness away... I trust you are on the right path now. Thank you for enjoying it! :)

Nance Marie - Thank you. I'm afraid most of humanity can relate on some level or another...

Cianphelan - We really don't need THAT much. We just think we do... you are correct! Thanks for visiting!

Refections - I thought about this photo for a long time - so many tangents my mind went on - A fun photo prompt, that;s for sure. Thank you!

Ginnie - Thank you. And I LOVE that you are reading it. For that I am eternally grateful! They say practice makes perfect.. but I will settle for less. ;)

OldSchoolHaiku - Glad I could delight with such a topic. Thank you.

Greyscale Territory said...

Potential is so often crushed in the zing of a moment! Enjoyed the "rush" of these poems!

Margaret Bednar said...

Greyscale - Thank you! And your praise makes this "moment" zing! :)