Sunday, January 2, 2011

"Piglets", a poem

The following poem is for “A Bowl of Random Words”.  Week 17 words are: Wave, Amazement, Spring, Spirit, Faith ... (I did add an "s" to spirit)  This is also my photographic entry for the Sunday Creative - challenge word: Flourish(ing).


A gentle wave upon the straw
Pink little bodies, undulating
Falling, rippling, squeals rising in pitch
Amazement radiates as quivering snouts
Explore the spring time at Pond Hill Farm
The warm shore, their mother’s belly
They snuggle, protected, like round beach balls
Spirits flourishing, tummies content
Faith-filled that life will forever be a safe harbor

by Margaret Bednar
These little piglets were so hard to capture in focus as they were very, very active.  They ran around in a group, one would fall and they all would tumble in a heap as these fellows (I was told) were fairly newborn and legs were wobbly.  My children wanted to take them home.

They had to settle for return visits.


Bonnie said...

Your poem is lovely - such a metaphor for all life. And the little piglets are adorable. I hear they do make good pets. They are very intelligent. SO CUTE!

Kristy said...

My cousins grew on a pig farm. I remember how soft piglets are!

Anonymous said...


Vagabonde said...

I love that picture of the snowy pond on Christmas day. You live in a beautiful area to have such unspoiled nature around you - dreamy. The New Year haiku is perfect accompaniment to the picture. The little piglets are precious – I am happy I don’t eat pork very often… I wish you a year full of laugh, love and happiness for 2011.

Patty Ann said...

Great!! They are always so cute when they are small, but then they grow up and grow up and grow up some more. Pretty soon, they are not nearly so cute!! (Trust me on this, we once had our own pig!)

Linda said...

Love these photos! The pigs don't seem real...they look like they're out of a fairytale!

Margaret Bednar said...

Bonnie, yes, the pigs are cute, but can stay in the barn! :)

Kristy, These piggies were so eager to explore, nobody was holding them while we were there. But curled up asleep, in a pile, I'm sure they are almost as cute as kittens!

Joan, Yes they were very cute - I was amazed how clean they were, but they were within 24 hours old.

Vagabond, Central NC is beautiful, but I do so love the mountains which are a couple of hours away. But my little neck of the woods is lovely for walks, that is for sure. I truly love little lake and the horses! Happy New Year to you as well.

Patty Ann, Yes, I haven't heard ANYONE exclaiming over how cute the sow is. Content, maybe, but not cute. :)

Linda, I know what you mean - if they stayed this cute, many more people would have them as pets.

Jingle said...


lisa said...

Oh my!
This is beyond adorable!

June_Butterfly said...

Hi!Just Lovely!Can't help smiling while looking at your pics.Your words are as warm as your pics.

Thank you so much for dropping my blog and following ,too.Real sorry for visiting late.Wasn't able to have time to go online since the holidays.Families are visiting.Hope to visit you here again,soon.Please do drop by my place anytime.

Ginnie said...

Too-too darn-tootin' cute. I do hear they make great pets but I'm not sure I'd want them in the house. :)

Fireblossom said...

How CUTE are they??? Beach balls, lol. I love your little poem, too.

Margaret Bednar said...

Jingle, lisa, June, Ginne & Fireblossom - thank you all for enjoying my little piglets. I wish all their lives had a happy ending. My goodness I could have eaten one of them just the other night - and it was a delicious meal, sorry! :)

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh....these little piglets made me so happy. I just love them!!!

Margaret Bednar said...

Kelly, we had so much fun watching them. They just tumbled about and it was fun watching them explore the barnyard and all the animals and corners of the barn.