Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Magpie Tale #46, "A Labor of Love"

OK, my entry for this Magpie Tale (click to see other entries) challenge is a bit of a stretch, but I went driving tonight through some amazing neighborhoods that literally "glowed" with Christmas cheer.  The photo above is the prompt and I wanted to tie the two together.  This is a bit quirky and not so well done poetically, but I hope you get some enjoyment out of it! 

"A Labor of Love"
by Margaret Bednar

His beloved provided Tom with a request to pursue
“Make it tasteful, make it shine with the spirit of Christmas.
Create a display”, his dear wife said, “for us to share and view.
May I rely upon you, husband of mine?”  He assured her, “Oh, yes!”
Taking up the gauntlet, Tom accepted the challenge.  Off to Lowes
He selected “suitable and refined” - a perfect crimson red,
Hunter green wreaths adorned with rich, velvety bows 
And white wooden rockers (she always had wanted).

Spotlight illuminating, he swaggered to the street
To admire his resplendent front porch celebrating the season.
Affixing the gloves upon his hand, Tom slowly turned to view his great feat
When from the corner of his eye he saw Mr. Anderson. 

Gazing upon his own achievement, which was quite notable indeed
With lights all a twinkling, red and white candy canes all aglow.
On down the sidewalk Tom looked and saw the yard of Don McCread
Bedecked with Frosty and Santa and sparkly trees in the snow.

Walking past house after house, his pride took a hit,
Even spying upon the doorstep of eight-thirteen, St. Nikolaus himself!
Tom threw his gloves upon the snow, declaring his work unfit
He would return the items and place his tools back upon the shelf.

And then the final blow, the grand finale in fact
Obviously an over-achiever, but grand all the same
A site to lure children of all ages - and boy, it did attract
Cars and vans, and how the wonderous people did exclaim!

Glitz and blitz and a frequency channel, 102.3
Blinking and flashing to the rhythm of the song
Tom stood transfixed and then, slowly, felt such glee
For it wasn’t about competing, he had been so wrong.

Slipping and sliding, he raced back home to surprise his bride
With the gift from his heart, he knew she would approve
It wasn’t about showing off to neighbors, at least he had tried
It was about displaying affection, it was his labor of love.


Patty Ann said...

Love the thought with your verse, and it really is a labor of love!

Greyscale Territory said...

A lovely poem showing that glitz without spirit doesn't reach the heart!

thingy said...

Oh, this was great!

izzy said...

Understated, always appeals to me- I appreciate peoples creativity with lights, etc. However,
we put one lit star up in the peak window
-light goes on at 4:30 and off at 11. Thanks !

Mary said...

Nice ending...I was afraid he was going to lose his head, and go crazy competing with the neighbors!

Sioux Roslawski said...

I agree with Mary...I was worried where you were going to end up, but you gave us a satisfying conclusion. Thanks.

justine said...

no one decorates their houses like this where I live, I love your words and such a labour of love! great photographs, Christmas already seems a while ago now.

Helen said...

I loved, loved your Magpie! I saw a funny photo recently ... houses up and down the street all decked out like those in your photos ... the last house with a lit sign that said DITTO!

Strummed Words said...

Merry Christmas cheer.

Marilyn said...

Excellent piece, he realised that it is the love in the doing that counts.

Margaret Bednar said...

Well, I thank all of you for enjoying this - it was done with a bit of participation with my younger girls. I have an idea for another one relating to these gloves. Just hope I can find the time what with preparing for a New Years Eve party! I look forward to the many Magpies to come in the next year!

Reflections said...

It's all about the effort made out of love.

Doc FTSE said...

Thanks for all the effort you so obviously put into this Magpie.

Doc FTSE said...

P.S. Margaret . . . the Link at No.57 in WIllow's LinkyList has your name, but strangely links only to the Magpie#46 linking page . . .

Tess Kincaid said...

What a guy!

uma.a said...

lovely..enjoyed it
loved the way you captured the images too

kathew said...

And he wa so right! Nicely done!

Jingle said...

creative and festive,

Margaret Bednar said...

Reflections, Doc, Tess, Uma, Kathew & Jingle - Thank you! The homes amazed me - but it is a bit easier here to light them up than when we lived in Northern Michigan! Happy New Year and I look forward to following your blogs in 2011!

Ginnie said...

And THAT is the true spirit of Christmas. Amen. Selah.