Thursday, December 2, 2010

Magpie Tale #43, "Threshold of Maturity" and 68/365

Threshold of Maturity
He was about to cross the threshold of manhood
Not by returning home but by walking away.
Determined to be constant and make good
Hoping to stand proud come judgement day.
Yearning for the warmth behind the door
Comforting arms surely within.
Such thoughts he certainly must ignore
His newfound accountability owed to Gwynn.
The fresh snow was pure and clean
Who was he to tarnish and trample?
His dark shadow should have foreseen 
Admittance and comfort were not his to sample.
Once a familiar gateway into happiness and joy
Must now be perceived as a barrier.
For no longer he a mother’s boy
Able to seek solace and a sugared pacifier.
His difficult path faced the opposite direction.
Behind him an entrance no longer but an exit as his
footsteps retraced the childhood path with a clear destination.
Dreams surrendered as he embraced the crisp air full of promise.

by Margaret Bednar

For Magpie Tales #43 Click HERE to read other poems. This is my first attempt to have rhyme at the end of my lines and it was CHALLENGING!  This poetry stuff is tough - you should try it if you haven't already.  But watch out, you might get addicted! The picture prompt for this Magpie is below.  The one above is one I took in Petoskey, MI two years ago and I will count it as 68 of my 365 day photographic journey - I DID take photos of houses today, but I really felt like a winter scene!  :) 


justine said...

another wonderful poem and I so love that first front door, is it yours?

Linda Robinson said...

Such a beautiful photo to go with a beautiful poem..

Sue J said...

I like your take on this one. Nice Magpie.

Mary Lou said...

Margaret, that is so beautiful and appropriate for me today as my son turns 40! poem and photos both are striking my heart.

Margaret Bednar said...

Justine, My door is one of many victorian doors (and porches) that grace the Petoskey, MI downtown. I'm going to post another photo of this house today - hope you like it as well.

Linda & Sue, I'm glad you like my perspective on this magpie. Willow's photo was so sweet and poignant - I can't wait to read all the takes on it.

Mary Lou, My baby is 18 and showing lots of maturity - but hopefully not quite THAT old where he doesn't turn to me first. But, yes, 40 is different. I can only imagine your longing to hold him is still there! :)

Margaret Bednar said...

Mary Lou, well not my "baby", my 18 yr old is my first born. My youngest just turned 3, so I still get and receive lots of hugs!

Helen said...

I watched my sons cross that threshold ... now I watch my grandson. It's overwhelming ~ and wonderful too.

Kristen Haskell said...

Not having children of my own I get the pleasure of watching it happen to my neices and nephews. I get a twinge as the first one just announced her engagement. When did she stop being a child? I wasn't ready for that.

Tumblewords: said...

Growing thoughts and longing. Very nicely done!

Margaret Bednar said...

Helen, What a reward it will be if John and I are able to see our grandchildren... although I am quite content to be patient and wait for that ...:)

Kristen, I have 6 and feel I have been forever changing diapers - but it IS hard to believe that very soon I will be diaper free. It has been 8 years...

Tumblewords, I'm glad you liked it! The photo Willow took just had such emotion to it, I thought.

Paul C said...

You capture the pivotal threshold of growing up well.

Tess Kincaid said...

Beautiful, Margaret!!

Margaret Bednar said...

Tess, thank you for providing the inspiration!