Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday Scribblings, "Illuminated Limitations"

"Safe & Snug...Limits Clearly Established!"
The following poem is for Sunday Scribblings #245 - "Limits".  Please click HERE to go to this blog and sample other takes on this subject (remember, #245)  The photo is of my "baby" who is 3 years old now (and still my baby :)

Illuminated Limitations

Acceptance is the rule,
Cradled in Mother's arms.
Worries non-existent,
Her hands a protective shield.

Playing area marked off,
Childhood defended.
Young eyes recognize a world beyond,
Yet relish the safety within.

Soon the agreed upon line questioned
Confinement becomes an issue.
Longing to hit the ball of life hard and
Sail far beyond the chain-link fence.

Out of bounds at last, attempting to
Secure the impossible dream.
Stretching, sometimes breaking the old
Established parameters of security.

Exasperation kicks in
As confidence grows.
Do the rules of yesterday
Apply to what we know today?

"Pursuit of Happiness" the goal,
"All is Fair in Love and War".
Rebellion and our "destiny" battle
For a foothold in this journey we call "Life".

Expectations diminish and weariness sets in,
Or is it acceptance and understanding?
With one's limitations illuminated,
Tolerance raises its wise old head.

by Margaret Bednar


Rosie said...

Lovely photo and wonderful poem! I could never write anything like this!

Ruth said...

Sometimes I wish I could have been a mom when I am the age I am now, grandma age. So much more wisdom and tolerance. You must have it in spades with your crew!

Lovely reflective poem. And precious baby. I'll bet still adorable at 3.

Saire said...

Such a lovely poem! Growing up is hard - for parents AND children :)

Patty Ann said...

Love the photo and the poem. So true.

Rinkly Rimes said...

'Hitting the ball of life hard'.... I like that.

Margaret Bednar said...

Rosie - You might surprise yourself. I have NEVER written before a month or so ago, and now I keep a little journal in my purse to jot down thoughts and words.

Ruth - Maybe that is the role grandparents USED to play and many lived nearby or lived with the family!

Saire - Thank goodness the joys outweigh the frustrations. Or maybe we just remember the JOYS and forget the other?

Patty Ann - Thanks! You are in the midst of raising kids yourself - you should know all about boundaries!

Rinkly Rimes - Yes, some hit it hard and others seem to want a free ride... Thank you for your feedback! LOVED your poems about the Christmas Tree & the ah, "decor". I will be back to take a longer look at your poetry blog!

Rachel said...

Beautiful poem. I could really feel the strain and pull in those last stanzas. And perhaps that is what poetry is meant to do - convey a feeling from one being to another. Well written!

Mary said...

I like the way you go through the different stages, and attitudes toward limits, ending where you started with acceptance. It's a very satisifying piece. And what a cute baby!

Margaret Bednar said...

Mary, Thank you. That was the initial train of thought - but how to get there took me a while. Unfortunately, not everyone ends up at "tolerance". I enjoyed your blog as well and look forward to visiting it again.

Jingle Poetry said...

it is a limitation on the run,

lovely imagery.

Jingle said...

Greetings, how are you?
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Happy Holidays!

Margaret Bednar said...

Jingle - I will give it some thought. Thank you.