Thursday, November 11, 2010

4 Similar Poems by Emma Bednar & 54/365

white, blue
illuminating, guiding, exposing
lunar, crescent, dreamlike, fantasy
indulging, wishing, pondering
imaginary, extraordinary
by Emma Bednar

by, Emma Bednar
Full Moon
Winter Blanket

What Is White?
By Emma Bednar
White is the full moon comforting and guiding
Helping light the darkness
A  sharp surprise, face colorless
The light chocolate sprinkled upon the 
Ice cream, cold and sweet 
Snow’s blanket covering earth’s sleeping floor
White is the color of forgiveness
Happiness running through the soul 
It’s the Easter flower which symbolizes
Tranquility, grace, beauty, and life
Embracing and soothing

What is the Color?
by Emma Bednar
White is the color of the moon shining in the darkness
     showing it’s personality
It’s the color of a blanket 
sleeping on the earth’s floor
White is the color 
living on an animal’s skin
White is you
when you get shocked
It’s the color of your favorite flower, animal,
chocolate that you eat
White is the color
of the paper you use
White is the color of forgiveness

The first three poems were a result of taking Emma's 1st poem written (last one posted) & reworking them to fit 3 different kinds of poetry forms.

#1:  Lanturne:  Japanese lantern, consonants per line (1,2,3,4,1)
#2  Acrostic: 1st letter of each line of the title
#3 Diamante - 7 line contrast poem following a pattern, beginning with a noun or subject, and ending with an antonym or synonym.

Emma has always been a writer.  Since she was quite little, she always asked for beautiful leather bound writing books and she filled them with scribble.  Every page.  Now she is an eleven year old fifth grader and enjoys writing short stories, usually mystery.  She got the poetry "bug" lately in school and has continued writing in her precious journals here at home.  I had her take "What is the Color" and the handy dandy dictionary and look jup adjectives, synonyms, etc.  She was a busy little beaver writing on those treasured white pages of hers, and she now has quite an impressive list of words.  Words she can't wait to use.


Everyday Goddess said...

What a great idea! She is on her way to using thoughts and words to create beauty! And so technical, great job!

labrown said...

The white house shot is really nice Margaret. Love the mood and the wintery blue tones. Nice composition as well!

Carol Blackburn said...

Lovely photos, Margaret. And Emma is quite the budding poetess (if that's a word).

Margaret Bednar said...

Goddess, Emma beamed this morning when I told her your praise. Thank you.

Labrown, Totally thrilled you like it and I look forward to your tutorials!

Carol, Poetess, ... spell check didn't underline it, so we will go with the title!

Virginia said...

I taught school for 19 years and Your Emma is quite a poet. Oh my goodness! Bravo Emma.

Thanks for visiting Paris with me! :)

Margaret Bednar said...

Virginia, thank you for your praise. Emma is tickled pink... her writing journal is filling up!