Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Whirlwind Tour of Asheville, NC & 46/365

"View from the historic Grove Park Inn"
This is quite an old hotel and is "THE" place to stay!  For the history, click HERE. Most of these photos were taken from the trolley.  We had a wonderful tour of the city. 

"First Baptist Church"

I think this is a Baptist Church - I always thought they were a little plainer - but this one is certainly a beauty. 

"A Slice of Heaven!"
A "Slice of Heaven" that will not be mine.  I did show it to my husband, though.  And this really wasn't the "bell of the ball" ... our neighbors would have been:

"Every man's home is his Castle"
And ...

I can't remember the story behind the above house, but I do know the tree on the right hand side was painted by a lady (who I think died in a fire).  The painting of the tree now hangs, I believe, in the Smithsonian.

I was on the wrong side of the trolley to get a photo of this building, but I think this is kind of neat.

"Sitting upon History"
This is the oldest continuous running Woolworth Counter and we certainly enjoyed the Ice Cream Soda!  I had NEVER had one before and it will NOT be my last!

"They do make them like they used to!"
And one last stop...

"Chocolate Fetish!"
The Chocolate Fetish can get one in trouble!  I adored the "turtles" (top) - this store called them "frogs".  It is a good thing we did so much hiking the day before!

I also purchased a blog friend's mystery books (Vickie Lane) at the BEST independent book store = Malaprops.

There is way too much to see in Asheville, NC and the surrounding area in just two days. We will be back.


Mary Lou said...

That is one place I have never been and one I want to go. SOMEDAY! Especially now that I know there is a Woolworths there! I love the reflection photo.

Carol Blackburn said...

Great photos, Margaret........thanks for sharing your experience.

justine said...

A slice of heaven and charming would suit me fine, I will take them both!! wonderful tour again, thankyou

Ginnie said...

Ashville, NC, is definitely a beautiful place, Margaret. I know it best for the Biltmore Estate, which I have visited 3 times now. Have you ever seen it during the Christmas Candlelight tour? Ooh-la-la.

Margaret Bednar said...
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Margaret Bednar said...

I can't imagine a bad visit to this place. Heaven on earth!

Ginnie, I hear the gingerbread houses at the Grove Park Inn are really something to see as well.

Torrie Smiley said...

We were in Asheville this weekend. I saw the Baptist church and thought I need to get pictures and paint that church...the wind was blowing, there were snow flurries, and I was freezing! I will take the picture and paint the church in the spring! HA~

Margaret Bednar said...

Torrie - It was cold? But then I'm a transplant from Northern Michigan. And a couple weeks can make a big difference. And I think I did see that it snowed up there... Feel free to use my photo to paint from if you like.