Sunday, October 3, 2010

The 365 Challenge - "It's all good!"

"Magnolia Tree Seeds"
What has my experience been so far with the 365 Challenge? And what do we consider our best photo so far?  Madeline Bea of the 365 Challenge has asked all the "365"ers these questions.

One photo every day for a year.  Less than a month, and I feel my observation skills have improved.  I notice shadows more and how they can play into an overall composition, I look up and down more as I walk - the above is a perfect example.  I think about words and how I might be able to capture them with a photo.

Is the above my best photo?  Maybe not.   But it is an example of my viewing the world a bit more closely.  Of capturing the beauty of the moment and saving a bit of it for posterity.

The network of bloggers who share my interests and kindly comment, help keep me motivated.  Visiting their blogs always inspires me to keep trying.  It's all good! ;)


justine said...

wow, I have never looked at magnolia seeds, I think this is fantastic and as you say, a view of the world a bit more closely

Kelly said...

super cool, and interesting!

Amy said...

This is definitely an object that most people would pass by. The 365 challenge is the perfect opportunity to see things you never would have noticed before. I like the idea of looking up and down to find new objects to photograph!

Patty Ann said...

I don't think I have ever seen one of these! This is wonderful. I love the color and the texture and the uniqueness. I am learning the same thing with this challenge. I am starting to see the world around me as something to photograph and remember. I love it!