Friday, September 10, 2010

Sunday Creative Challenge "Timeworn"

"Old Friends"
"A Computerized Face Lift"
"Emma's Beloved Boots"

These pictures are in response to The Sunday Creative Challenge.  Three years ago, these boots were timeworn when my daughter received them from a friend.  It's time to part with them as the heel is worn through and she has outgrown them...she can only squeeze her feet into them if she doesn't wear socks.  They have been paired with everything from frilly white dresses, jean shorts, to swimming suits.  If truth be told, I'm a bit attached to them as well - I can't help but think of my lovely Emma every time I see them.  Will my third attempt at getting rid of them fail as well?


Patty Ann said...

You are going to have to frame them in all their beauty for her wall and then sneak the real things out of the house!! Love the pics. They came out fabulous!

justinegordon said...

a great set of shots and great boots, they look lovely and timeworn