Friday, September 24, 2010

17/365 "Fine Details"

"Fine Details"

"Fine Details 2"

Really struggled with the 365 challenge today!  Laundry, dirty dishes and cluttered refrigerator sparked no creative juices today.  Clearing the dinner dishes from the table, my eyes admired my second-hand store "treasure".  This ornate lamp in the corner of my wine-colored dining room has such a warm glow.  And isn't that what this exercise is about - capturing the details of life around us?


Rosie said...

Those details are really fabulous!
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments! You asked me when I shot my "web-photo" - it was around 8, and really almost too late. Have you seen Justine photo:
That must have been hours before me!! But I'm still trying and it's really worth it! Looking forward to seeing your early morning shoot!

justine said...

this is lovely and the light is so warm