Monday, September 13, 2010

6/365 "From the Earth"

Such vibrant colors hidden under the dirt!
...and beauty within!
Come to think of it, aren't we a little bit like these radishes?
 For a list of others who participate with the "365" challenge, please visit "Life Set to Words"


Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Margaret, sorry I've missed coming by your blog for a few days. Just checked out all your recent posts and must say your photos are beautiful. At first I thought the young lady on the merry-go-round had on a zebra shirt until I took a closer look. Great shot (they all are).
Have a great evening.

Rachel said...

love the cut open radish! your composition brings your eye to the middle and best part of the photo- that swirly center.

Ginnie said...

There's no beauty better than what Mother Earth creates, Margaret, as you already know. But what she produces under her skin still amazes me everytime I see it...especially when I can also eat it! And yes, we ARE a little bit like these radishes.

BTW, I also have a photography blog that is only one image at a time and not as chock-full as In case you wanted to know. :)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hi Margaret, I read your comment about BW Wednesday. You can do a black and white any way you would like.... I have some people that shoot in the bw mode, and some people that digitally enhance. Either is fine..... and sepia is fine too! I am not a real stickler for rules. Just "shoot" and have fun~

Hope you will play along this week~


Courtney said...

This is beautiful :O) I like how you cut it so we could see the layers.

justinegordon said...

wow! did you grow these in your garden? they are beautiful and such wonderful colours. Thank you so much for commenting yesterday, I am moving on and I really appreciated what you wrote, thankyou