Monday, September 27, 2010

18/365 "Colorful Transportation"

"Colorful Transportation"
Sunday we visited the college campus where my son is fortunate to be finishing his senior year of high school with a small, select group.  It was raining and I like to imagine that everyone was studying inside.  I just loved all the color and the arrangement -   I snapped just two photos and that is all I took of the entire day.  I was too busy doing laundry the rest of the day...

You see, I walked into my son's dorm and gasped.  Laundry all over...  His father and I took pity (this once) and took off for a nearby laundromat and did 11 loads.  Our son visited with his 5 siblings and it did our hearts good to see them all laughing and enjoying one another.  While at the laundromat standing side by side and complaining about what a slob our son is, I made it clear that this "cozy" togetherness was in NO WAY to be classified as a date!

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Carol Blackburn said...

Gee, how have I missed all of your lovely photos, Margaret? I apologize for not coming by more often. I think with my work schedule I miss a few days here and there and I need to browse blogs once in a while to catch up.