Tuesday, September 21, 2010

14/365 "My Tuxedo Kitty"

"My Tuxedo Kitty"
My vet called her that - and she is rather a "fancy" cat.  She likes her soft armchair, hates a messy kitty litter, and eats her food very daintily.  Grooming takes up a decent amount of her time and she loves to sit prettily and blink her eyes at her family.  She even has a princess-like name, "Gabriella" - (which is MUCH better than the name my "not-in-love-with-cats" husband picked out for her!)  This photo is part of my "365 Challenge"


Rosie said...

Such a cutie! :-))

Rachel said...

wow, she is beautiful and i love the cropped in version! fun to photography eyes like that!