Monday, June 1, 2020

In Remembrance of George Floyd

In Remembrance of George Floyd

As a child, I read fairytales,
believed enduring wrongs and injustice
would always be rewarded if patient, if good.

I never imagined fear
of jaywalking; eyes watching me
because the color of my skin.

Never imagined my voice
raised in impatience, in anger
could land me in jail.

Never imagined parking on a side street,
looking at a map or talking on my cell,
could rally police to my car door.

Never imagined the day I shoplifted
as a child, lip gloss too tempting,
could be a death warrant.

My prayers often seem fickle,
sometimes skipped in favor of a good book,
nightly devotional postponed.

Today, reflect some can't afford to be frivolous
where hopes hang upon Words of salvation -
lives more Grimm than I can imagine;

a bit like Red Riding Hood,
stalked unknowingly, wolf disguised
as refuge, but waiting to devour.

* * *

A grown man calls out, "Mama!"
before twenty dollars and a knee
takes his breath away -

"protector of the peace" the villain.
Floyd's voice (now) the protestors 
demanding justice as they've been robbed 

of Happily Ever After.

by Margaret Bednar, June 1, 2020

Not my strongest write - it doesn't do this tragedy justice, but I felt I needed to write something.  


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I'm so glad you gave voice to this, Margaret. I have been rendered nearly speechless by these events. One thinks things cant get worse and then they do.........I was grateful for the good hearts that showed up this weekend and did the right thing.

Helen said...

Thank you. I have cried spontaneously for seemingly no reason until I realize there IS a reason my emotions are on the edge, ready to spill at any time for any reason.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Words aren't enough to describe just how raw and poignant this poem truly is! Thank you so much for sharing, Margaret!💘

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I think you've written it well. I'm sure it's true no words are enough, yet I admire and applaud those poets who have tried, and you've all made important points in powerful words. I pray that the present outcry will lead to reform.

Old Egg said...

What a wonderful reply to such injustice. I do hope it leads to better judgement in future.

Jim said...

It's a very fine write for me, Margaret. A lot of us are fitting both parts, we were protected and it is sooo hard to write those last verses. Boys growing up are harassed more than girls though. Out late I was stopped just for being young, I still remember every time. I was in my thirties the last time, riding my motorcycle, alone on a Sunday, not pretty.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

It is all so sad, so unnecessary. I wish I had an answer.